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SmartAX MA5800 – X2

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Huawei SmartAX MA5800-X2, small-capacity, supports 2 service slots
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26 August 2020

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MA5800-X2 Specification

MA5800-X2 Specification

Supported Cabinets


Board Configuration

Control board slots: 3, 4
Service board or upstream interface board slots: 1 to 2
Does not support universal interface board
Power board slot: 0

(W x D x H)  

2U high and 19 inches wide
Excluding mounting brackets: 442 mm x 268.7 mm x 88.1 mm
Including IEC mounting brackets: 482.6 mm x 268.7 mm x 88.1 mm
Including ETSI mounting brackets: 535 mm x 268.7 mm x 88.1 mm

Maximum Input Current

DC power supply: 20A
AC power supply: 8A

Power Supply Modes

DC power support (dual for backup)
AC power supply + battery for backup

Working Voltage Range

DC power supply: -38.4V to -72V
AC power supply: 100V to 240V

Rated voltage

DC power supply: -48V/-60V
AC power supply: 110V/220V

Ambient Temperature

 -40°C to 65°C*. The EA5800 can start up at temperatures as low as -25°C.
Note: The 65°C temperature refers to the highest temperature measured at the air intake vent of service subrack.

Ambient Humidity

5% RH to 95% RH

Atmospheric Pressure

70 kPa to 106 kPa


4,000m. The air density varies with altitude and will affect the heat dissipation of a device. Therefore, the working environment temperature of the EA5800 varies with altitude.

Switching Capacity of the Control Board (load sharing mode)

480 Gbit/s

Maximum Bandwidth per Service Slot (load sharing mode)

80 Gbit/s

System Layer 2 Packet Forwarding Rate (load sharing mode)

714 Mpps

Maximum Number of Concurrent 4K Video Users


Maximum Number of MAC Addresses


Maximum Number of ARP/Routing Entries


Switching/Forwarding Delay

Short forwarding delay: The 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port sends 64-byte Ethernet packets at a delay shorter than 20 μs.

Bit Error Rate (BER) in full load

A BER smaller than 10e-7 for a port that transmits data in full load.

System Reliability Specifications

System availability for typical configurations: > 99.999%
Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF): About 45 years.
Note: Due to different network environments and different boards used by devices, the preceding MTBF (45 years) of the MA5800 is only for reference. The average repair time for Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) is about 2 hours. The preceding values are only for reference. For details, please contact the relevant Huawei engineers.

GPON Ports/ XG(S)-PON Ports


GE/FE Ports


10 GE Ports


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